Our objective is to establish schools and Qur’anic centers throughout the Muslim world and especially across the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Establishment of institutions under the guidance of Ullamas for importing present day science and religious education throughout the world particularly in Pakistan in conformity with Muslim religious demand.

  • The establisment of ormal and religious educaitonal Schools, centre, and institions, for 100,00,000(Ten million) gypsy people steeled in far flung areas and coutrysides of the big cities of pakistan.
  • To establish children university and technical insitutions of technical courses for gypsis & Their children.
  • To establish vocational training centres for gypsy women.
  • To flourish and educate criminal and involved in crimes gypsy men & women and make the respectable and responsible citizens of Pakistan.
  • To use the traditional and new means for propagation of Islam
  • To create religious feelings among Muslims especially in youth to make them perfect Muslims
  • To provide Islamic courses to boy and girls with Arabic & English languages and computer courses as well
  • To provided Islamic Centers for girls where they may be taught different trades along with education
  • To promote Islamic culture, customs and discipline in every aspect of life
  • To provide monthly stipends and ration, to the disabled, orphans and widows
  • To provide necessary articles to the poor girls for their marriages
  • To provide jobs in different fields of life to the jobless people. Provision of loans to such people is also a part of our program
  • To ensure regular supply of water to the water shortage areas. This includes provision of hand pumps and water ponds
  • To provide every possible help to the homeless people affected by natural disasters
  • To provide free medical help and medicines to the needy
  • To establish free dispensaries, particularly maternity centers, ambulance service and blood bank

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